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Alumni story: from osteopath to data analyst

PROMO 2023

Claire Portier

Data Analyst at Le Collectionist 

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What was your background before enrolling on the course?

I worked for 7 years as an osteopath, including 5 years in the practice I set up in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. About a year ago, I felt the need to align myself more closely with the rapid changes in society and advances in technology. If I hadn't chosen the path of osteopathy, my natural inclination would have led me towards IT professions. For 1 year, I studied computer languages and web development. I put aside jobs that required too much mathematics, as I hadn't done any for 12 years.

What did you enjoy during your data analytics training?

Following a free workshop on Power BI held at Artefact's premises and a presentation of the training courses, the School of Data was the best choice for me to start my career change in data. It was made clear that being good at maths wasn't necessary. So I jumped at the chance! Artefact has a very good reputation and it's one of the world leaders in data, so I wanted to take an immersion course with them. I enrolled on the course very quickly. The school offers different training options and took care of everything. During the 10 weeks, I was able to learn about all the fundamental tools used in the data industry. As Artefact is a pioneer in the field, the company passes on its knowledge to us and knows how to train us, what to train us on and alongside the best experts.

What are your career plans?

My aim is to make the most of this diversity of skills in the field of data analysis, and to ensure that problem-solving and collaboration remain at the heart of my missions.

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What is the difference between Artefact School of Data and other courses?

World-renowned learning and a unique educational experience. More than 4,000 students worldwide have been trained by our Artefact business experts. You benefit from immersion training with one of the world leaders in Data, who will share his expertise with you. Every day, you will learn from real-life case studies carried out with some of the world's leading companies.

What is the training format?

You choose the format! Training can be face-to-face, distance learning or hybrid! Everything is designed so that you can follow the course from our classroom or from home, as you wish. We've made this choice to optimise your learning during the course.

What support is there to help you find a job?

Every day, our students have the opportunity to work alongside Artefact employeesone of the leaders in Data. This means that every day, they meet Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers who make up their professional network and increase their chances of securing a future position with Artefact or with a partner.

Who are the teachers?

Your teachers are Data Scientists, Analysts or Senior Engineers by trade. This is very important to us, because they work at the very heart of one of the leaders in Data: Artefact. This means that the tutors are in daily contact with Artefact customers and are responding to real, topical issues in the field. Our training courses are therefore designed around what they experience on a daily basis.

How do I apply for the course?

The registration process is very simple: you apply directly for a course, explaining your choice and describing your career path. You can also download our full programme and then make an appointment with us.