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Train your business teams

Improve your employees' decision-making by making better use of your data and tools.

Train your technical teams

Keep training your experts in the latest data skills to boost productivity.

Our offers tailor-made, train your teams for excellence



Entrust us with the creation of your turnkey Data Academy to structure your Learning & Development offering.



Entrust us with the development of customised e-learning to train your staff on a large scale.



Choose the course of your choice from our catalogue, or contact us for more customisation options.



Take part in an exceptional collaborative learning experience and develop your own use cases.

Would you like to find out more?

Increase your skills with our Artefact experts

The training courses are designed and taught by the best Artefact experts.

As a world leader in data and AI consulting, we pass on to your teams know-how that is recognised by the biggest companies.

You'll maximise the potential of your talents and optimise your performance.

They train their teams with the School of Data

Discover the impact of our training sessions

"A successful transition to artificial intelligence for the marketing teams, which has enabled us to improve our customer approach as well as our user experience. "

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Mélodie Charles



mederic chomel
"Increasing the skills of our tech teams is a success that is part of an overall strategy to transform the company and move towards AI. "

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Médéric Chomel


VP Data

"Thanks to a tailor-made Data Academy designed to meet our challenges of upgrading the skills of our data and business teams, we have optimised our processes and gained in efficiency. "

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Sarah Baqa


Head of Performance

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Do you have any other questions about Artefact School of Data? We'd love to hear from you.

What is the difference between Artefact School of Data and other courses?

World-renowned learning and a unique educational experience. More than 4,000 students worldwide have been trained by our Artefact business experts. You benefit from immersion training with one of the world leaders in Data, who will share his expertise with you. Every day, you will learn from real-life case studies carried out with some of the world's leading companies.

What is the training format?

You choose the format! Training can be face-to-face, distance learning or hybrid! Everything is designed so that you can follow the course from our classroom or from home, as you wish. We've made this choice to optimise your learning during the course.

What support is there to help you find a job?

Every day, our students have the opportunity to work alongside Artefact employeesone of the leaders in Data. This means that every day, they meet Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers who make up their professional network and increase their chances of securing a future position with Artefact or with a partner.

Who are the teachers?

Your teachers are Data Scientists, Analysts or Senior Engineers by trade. This is very important to us, because they work at the very heart of one of the leaders in Data: Artefact. This means that the tutors are in daily contact with Artefact customers and are responding to real, topical issues in the field. Our training courses are therefore designed around what they experience on a daily basis.

How do I apply for the course?

The registration process is very simple: you apply directly for a course, explaining your choice and describing your career path. You can also download our full programme and then make an appointment with us.