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Alumni story: from Silicon Valley to the School of Data

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Raphael Londner

Data Product Manager IA at MiLissAI 

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What was your background before enrolling on the course?

With a background in engineering, my career has been very rich, punctuated by consulting assignments, pre-sales, entrepreneurial adventures and several years spent in Silicon Valley. However, one day I found myself at a crossroads in my life, with the feeling that I was going round in circles and learning little. Back in France, I realised that there was a certain gap between my experience and the expectations of the French market. I wanted to go beyond my label as an IT infrastructure expert, and immerse myself in the exciting world of data. That's where the Data Engineering course comes in! For me, it was an opportunity to boost my career and explore new perspectives.

What did you enjoy during your data analytics training?

I was literally blown away by this course! The combination of the skills acquired, the expertise shared by the data professionals at Artefact and the innovative teaching methods created a unique learning experience. The most exciting part? The fundamentals of programming languages like SQL and Python right from the start of the course. This enabled me to master the range of tools that are essential for becoming a true Data Engineer. The richly designed programme immerses us in the fundamentals of the profession: data management, data analysis, NLP, deep learning, machine learning, etc. Every day is a new challenge, on your own or in a group. It's a collaborative space where we share, where we learn to explain complex concepts, and so check our understanding. The mix of profiles makes the experience even richer, with each participant bringing a unique touch of expertise. And the little extra? The flexibility of the training! Whether you prefer face-to-face, distance or hybrid learning, the choice is yours!

What are your career plans after the course?

I'm now an IA Data Product Manager specialising in data project management. The School of Data has given me the tools and confidence to build this new chapter in my career.

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What is the difference between Artefact School of Data and other courses?

World-renowned learning and a unique educational experience. More than 4,000 students worldwide have been trained by our Artefact business experts. You benefit from immersion training with one of the world leaders in Data, who will share his expertise with you. Every day, you will learn from real-life case studies carried out with some of the world's leading companies.

What is the training format?

You choose the format! Training can be face-to-face, distance learning or hybrid! Everything is designed so that you can follow the course from our classroom or from home, as you wish. We've made this choice to optimise your learning during the course.

What support is there to help you find a job?

Every day, our students have the opportunity to work alongside Artefact employeesone of the leaders in Data. This means that every day, they meet Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers who make up their professional network and increase their chances of securing a future position with Artefact or with a partner.

Who are the teachers?

Your teachers are Data Scientists, Analysts or Senior Engineers by trade. This is very important to us, because they work at the very heart of one of the leaders in Data: Artefact. This means that the tutors are in daily contact with Artefact customers and are responding to real, topical issues in the field. Our training courses are therefore designed around what they experience on a daily basis.

How do I apply for the course?

The registration process is very simple: you apply directly for a course, explaining your choice and describing your career path. You can also download our full programme and then make an appointment with us.